Start tracking your Commander games

Build up a rich history of stats for you and your playgroup.

Game Statistics

Your game dashboard shows everything there is to know about your game. Which player knocked out the most enemies but still lost? Who did the most damage? Did that one player really take 10 minute turns?

Deck Statistics

Gain insight into the performance of all your decks, including win/loss ratio, no. kills, who your arch-enemies are, turn duration and even an estimated power level. View one a deck of one of our playgroup members as a live example.


Get competetive and keep track of how your decks are stacking up against your opponents. Playgroup keeps track of an ELO for all decks and players and as of recently a pure damage leaderboard has been added as well.

How to get started

1. Create account

Create a account. This is needed so we can save all your decks and game stats.

If you want to play with people that don't want to make an account, they can join your game as anonymous guest users, this way you can still track your stats.

2. Form a playgroup

After creating an account, become a member of a playgroup by creating a new one. You can invite people to that playgroup by sending them an invite link. Alternatively, you can join someone else's playgroup by getting an invite link from that playgroup's owner.

3. Tracker app

One person in your playgroup has to download and install the tracker app on a phone, tablet or pc. The tracker app is exclusively used for tracking games. Stats will be available in real-time on the website (

4. Play a game

A person in your playgroup with the lifetracker app starts up a game. The rest of the group can join the game on that device. Now all that's left is to play epic games and start building up your stats!

Ready to start tracking?

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