Playgroup: MTG Life Counter 1.3.0 now available

March 20, 2023 04:00

An other day, an other release! The Playgroup Life Counter and Stats tracking app version 1.3.0 is now available.

New Features

  • Easy login: Players can now quickly login to the app as a member of their selected playgroup by selecting it from a list. This feature bypasses the need to scan a link code or QR code, and is particularly useful for playgroups where trust is already established. If you do not want this functionality, you can opt-out on a per-playgroup basis.
  • Sticky round number: A new setting has been added to always display the current round number. By default, this setting is turned off.
  • Turn timer: A new setting has been added to display the current player's turn time. By default, this setting is turned off.
  • "Pass the turn" sound effects: Players can now select one of three sound effects to play when a player passes their turn. The default setting is no sound.
  • Manual game finish button: A new button has been added to manually finish a game, which is especially helpful when playing a deck with a win condition that does not involve eliminating other players.
  • Improved deck selection: If you have a large collection of decks, the deck selection element will now properly scroll instead of making your deck images too small to see.


  • Back button no longer quits the app.
  • Fixed an issue where in a five player game, player 4 sometimes had parts of the screen that were unresponsive.
  • Improved clarity on whose turn it is.
  • Fixed an issue where players were sometimes added to the player selection twice.
  • Fixed an issue where the "waiting for players" message was stuck for a player.

Known issues

  • As mentioned the deck selection grid has a scroller now, there is an issue however where if you want to select a deck but move too much it will trigger a scroll event instead.

As we wrote in our Development roadmap update this pretty much finishes the features we had in mind for our first type of Playgroup user. We will now start working on features to onboard more players that want to use Playgroup differently.

Easy login preview