Playgroup 3.0 now available

January 08, 2024 06:00

A new year, a new Playgroup release!

New Features
Resume/save games: It is now possible to resume a game from where you left it. It doesn’t matter if the app crashed, battery died or you just quit the game halfway, the game will be saved and ready to resume.

Game rating: When a game ends you can now choose to give a subjective rating about your experience of that particular game. Currently ratings are not yet shown on the dashboards, but we will add those soon.

Non-feature improvements

We have rewritten the app from version 3 to version 4 of Godot. Godot is the platform that the life tracker is built on and by updating it tot he newest version we have a more robust base to work off of. This also allowed us to fix some stubborn bugs like the iOS rotation bug or being able to use proper password input fields.
The ui/ux of the app now scales better on different devices, which allows all elements to have a similair size, instad of for example having tiny buttons on phones or huge buttons on tablets.

Other things
From the advanced actions menu you can now quickly deal self damage. You can easily access it by double tapping your Commander portrait.

We have decided to remove all stat screens (leaderboards/game details) from the tracker app. We came to realise that we were developing all these screens twice (website and app), without any huge value coming out of it which is just silly for a 2-man dev team. From now on the tracker app will be purely for tracking games, all stats and dashboards will be on the website (