Updates January

January 31, 2024 06:00

Hi folks,

After the release of Playgroup Beta 3 early this month we've been focussing on upgrades to the website, in this post we wanted to take you on a guided tour on some of the new stuff we've added.

Introducing Jomar

Jomar pushing updates to Discord
The first thing we added is a Discord Bot; aptly named Jomar the Lorekeeper. You can invite Jomar to a Discord channel and associate it with a Playgroup. Once that's done you can query it for current leaderboard information and it will push updates whenever a new game is started or finished. It's really fun to see live updates from games you couldn't join and still feel like you are part of the action. If you want to take Jomar for a spin navigate to the Playgroup you want to get data from and press the Discord icon underneath the Playgroup name.

As with everything else we build this is just a first version, if you encounter bugs, want new features be sure to come spam us on Discord.

Game images

Game Summary
We also added a feature that allows you to download a game summary image. It's a fun way to share the results of a game with your Playgroup via a social network or messaging app an other way to keep your Playgroup members up to date on games they might be missing. To download an image for a game navigate to the game you want to share and press the little download icon under the Playgroup name.

Fun & Salt

We've been tracking subjective game ratings since 3.0.0 but they are now also visible on the website. Our games in particular proved that you can have fun with a game and still be extremely salty about it, see the screenshot above. The average fun rating for the game is displayed on top of each game detail page the sentiment is also listed under each player in the game and also displayed in a bar chart.

Our socials

We also setup some social media accounts with the help of community member Davisx3m, where we will be sharing updates like these in smaller increments. You can follow us on x, Instagram & Threads. If you have any fun games or stats to share with us be sure to @ us :)

Playgroup's year of 2023

We collected some stats over 2023 and put them into this infographic to share with you guys. Thanks for tracking over 18k games with us!

Year wrap up

Other tweaks

  • Average game rounds & average game time added to the deck page
  • We've changed the way elo is calculated slighty; before it was possible to gain elo even when losing which makes not a lot of sense for Magic the Gathering. You might notice a small shift in rankings as we recalculate all elo with this new method.