New website design & features

April 28, 2023 12:00

Hi everybody,

We’ve just deployed the new design for the Playgroup website in preparation for the upcoming release of Playgroup 2.0. Along with this new design comes three new features that I want to quickly run by you.

Global Deck elo rating

We’ve introduced a new elo rating for each of your decks that’s unscoped to a specific playgroup. This is especially useful for people that play in multiple playgroups or never play in the same playgroup twice. Having a dedicated deck elo rating that’s unscoped will give these types of players the opportunity to keep track of their own deck’s performance over time.

Estimated Power level

We also did our first attempt to give your commander decks a power level based on their global deck elo rating performance. The deck rating will be given based on a numerical value between 0 and 10, where 0 is the lowest possible option and 10 the highest possible deck power level option. The power level is based on your elo in comparison to other deck’s elo in our global database. This is just our first attempt at a power level rating system and therefore there are some caveats you should be aware of. If you only play against a fixed number of opponents the accuracy of your deck’s estimated power level will be diminished. For example: If you play with a group of friends that only play budget decks while you deck out your decks with Mana Vault and Mana Crypts you might find yourself quickly rising in elo and therefore getting a higher power level then might be warranted. If you have any other ideas about how to more accurately reflect your assumed deck’s power level, come find us on Discord to discuss this!

We hope our estimated power level will become a tool that will help commander players play more fun and balanced games.

Public deck page

To make it easier to share your deck performance information it's now possible to flag a deck as public. When you do so other users can view your deck's performance such as it's elo rating, win rate and more. To make a deck public you can edit your deck via the website and enable the "Public" checkbox. Once that's done you can click your avatar in the top right and select "My Public Decks" in the dropdown. You can also add your decklist to the page so people can view your decklist on external services such as Moxfield and others.

You can check Maran's decks here.

As always keep the feedback flowing so we can make the best stat tracking app possible!

Till the next :)