Playgroup 3.1 & Supporter packs released

April 16, 2024 06:00

Hey folks,

Today we are releasing Playgroup 3.1 which has been a long time coming and comes with a bunch of new cool features.

First up though we wanted to introduce our Playgroup supporter packs. In order to keep the development of going and make it the best Commander analytics platform in existence, we cannot keep ignoring the cost side of things. That’s why we decided to give users the ability to support us with a monthly donation and in return we have cooked up some awesome goodies.

The supporter packs introduce new, cosmetic only features for our supporters. All core stat-tracking features will always be available to all users, whether they have a supporter pack or not. We took our inspiration from the videogame world where supporters are often rewarded with cosmetic features. Playgroup supporters will have (depending on the tier) access to the following new features:

  • Alternative commander art
  • Unique interface themes
  • Damage/heal special effects
  • Ad removal
  • Discord roles

We have three different tiers ranging from €3 to €15. The Ultimate Support Pack has the extra benefit that all non-supporters who are in a game with an Ultimate user will unlock all in-app cosmetic features.

We are always looking for user feedback on any of our new features and plans so if you have strong feelings about these new changes, whether they are good or bad, please come find us on Discord.

You can find everything related to the Supporter Packs on the new Supporter page.

New Features

Tracking win conditions
It's now possible to track win conditions at the end of the game. Whether you win by combat, mill, or some alternative win condition.

Pregame screen
It's now possible to see some of your opponents (and your own) main deck stats when joining a game.

  • How fast do your opponents win?
  • What is their main win condition?
  • What are the odds of winning this game?

Use this to quickly gauge if the chosen decks are an even match and if not adjust accordingly so you have a balanced and fun game, or appoint the game’s raid boss before the game has even started.

Track mulligans

It's now possible to track the amount of mulligans you take. This feature is added to the new pregame screen. We can use this to get more interesting statistics once we collect more data; I would personally love to see the win-chance as it relates to the taking of mulligans for instance.

Per deck AAM actions

It's now possible to select which options you want to display in your deck's advanced action menu. You can toggle these options via the website or directly from the AAM. Some decks will never use “Damage all opponents” now instead of having this feature always displayed you can easily turn it off and only enable what you want.

New advanced actions

We introduce a few new options to the advanced action menu

  • Your opponents lose X and you gain X
  • Upkeep reminders; Don’t want to forget that mana crypt trigger? Enable this new feature and you will get a friendly reminder every upkeep.

Login to the app through the website
It's now possible to authenticate in the app using a website login session. Typing in username and passwords in an app is never fun, it’s also error prone. By borrowing the login session from the website it’s now much easier to login to the app.

Other changes

  • Fixed an issue where you couldn't scroll easily in the advanced actions menu.
  • You can now add a partner when creating a deck via the app.
  • Fixed an issue where selecting a deck would scroll you all the way back to the beginning.
  • Fixed an issue where a guest user could get to the "add a deck" screen.
  • Two player games are now started in portrait.
  • Commander drag zone will now always be in the middle.
  • Increased QR size for joining a game

What’s next?

The next release will be a smaller release that will focus on mobile usability. We always develop with tablets in mind but after diving into our device statistics it seems a lot of users are using a phone. This next release should be a bit smarter about guessing when a device is a mobile phone instead of a tablet and change the UI/UX when that happens.