Public profiles, Commander stats & Playgroup 2.0.2

June 05, 2023 03:00

We've got a couple of updates for you today:

Global Commander stats

We've just released a new feature to the website: Commander leaderboard and Commander profile pages. Ever wanted to know who is the highest ranking commander? Which commander is played the most? We now have these answers.

This new features uses all data collected by our community and summarizes all the various stats for every commander ever played on Playgroup. Now there are some caveats, right now we still have a humble (but active) community so take all the data with a grain of salt. It's quite possible that the highest ranking commander is only played in one Playgroup skweing the results. The other fact is that in essence all data is self reported, so if you want you could just submit a bunch of fake games to further manipulate the results. As we increase the amount of games we track this data will automatically get more reliable, we will also work on making the leaderboards smarter by making changes to the algorithms that calculate the various rankings.

For now just enjoy, look up your favourite commander and see how your decks compare against the averages!

Public profiles

It's now possible to share your stats with your friends by enabling your public profile. You can check out my public Playgroup profile here. It will show you various stats such as how many turns you played, how many hours you spend on EDH and your win-rate among various other things.

New Playgroup app version

Playgroup 2.0.2 is now available on Android, iOS, Windows & Linux.

2.0.2 is a patch release that adds a few small quality of life features and fixes a handful of issues.

New Features

  • Add a copy from clipboard button to the password field.
  • Add a new option to increase the life amount label for better readability.


  • Hide icons when in history log and implement proper back button.
  • Fix black screen issue when switching between apps on iOS.
  • Fix scrolling issue on leaderboard page.
  • Fix scrolling issue on playgroup member login page.
  • Made the 'finish game' button easier to find so you don't forget to press it when a match is over.
  • Fixed an issue where damage to all/oponnents would