Playgroup 2.1.0 has been released

July 05, 2023 06:00


Playgroup 2.1.0 is now available on all platforms. These are the hilights:


It's now possible to pause the game, such an amazing new innovative feature, much wow. Pause will automatically be enabled if the app loses focus (by navigating to an other app or alt-tabbing in Windows), when you navigate to the settings or history log, or you can start it manually with a new button that's been added to the menu.

Taking priority

Do you have opponents that just will play out their entire turns in yours messing up your turn timers? No longer, players can now "take priority" from an other player using the "three dots" button. When a player activates this feature their "interruption" timer will start running and your turn timer will get paused. This should help keep 'cleaner' stats.

Other things

  • You will now get a warning if you lose internet connection and your game can't be synced.
  • The round and turn timer will now properly rotate towards the player whos turn it is in .
  • The app should be more aware of camera notches and such and add extra margin where it's needed.
  • There is always a "Start game" button now, regardless if you picked a hand picked or randomized player.
  • Updated help screen and you can revisit it from the main screen if you need a refresher.
  • The menu is now hidden behind a single button to reduce clutter
  • Made changes to lifecounter screen to increase usability on smaller devices (phones).
  • You can now exit the lifecounter after a game, without having to start a new game first.
  • Fixed an issue where the "show turn duration" couldn't be selected easily.
  • Fixed an issue where the history log was hard to scroll.

We also made some changes to the website. It's now possible to add comments to events to help you remember epic plays. These comments will be visible to all Playgroup members. We further added some commander hilights to your public profile and gave you the ability to setup your own timezone so times finally match your local time.

To update your timezone do the following
* Click your avatar in the top right of the website
* Click "My account"
* Make sure you fill out your current password (other password fields can remain empty)
* Start typing the name of your Timezone (or a nearby bug city will sometimes also work), it should auto-complete based of a list of valid timezones.

As always make sure to give us your feedback via email or Discord.