Playgroup 3.2.1 released

June 10, 2024 06:00

A new day, a new app release! This will be the last app release while we focus on our MagicCon attendance, we hope to see you there!


  • Added an option to select a Commander as guest user: A new question has been added to the login options menu. When you select you don't have an existing account, and you want to join as Guest you get a new question: Select Commander, or skip selecting Commander. When you choose the Select Commander option you get a full-screen search bar to look for the Commander you want to play.
  • Added an option to quickly heal 1 or 2 life to the AAM.
  • Add an option to disable on-hit effects.
  • Add an option to disable all themes.
  • Add an option to disable life modification sounds.


Supporters: No longer pick a random theme if if no theme is picked.


  • Fixed rotational bug in a two player game when using the dice menu.
  • Fixed a rare crash that could happen with custom themes.
  • Fixed an issue where the last round time was not saved properly.
  • Fixed an issue where the pregame screen would stick around after starting the game.
  • Fixed an issue with long playgroup names.
  • Fixed an issue where upkeep reminders wouldn't work.

Android: ✅ Online
PC: ✅ Online
iOS: ✅ Online

New website features
As a playgroup admin it's now possible to invite new members via email and directly manage their decks. We've heard the complaint a couple of times now that some users just can't be bothered to create their account, and add their decks. With this new feature you can now do this for them.

To invite new users do the following:

  • Go to a playgroup you are the admin of
  • Open the playgroup members or the invite member pop-up by pressing the icons underneath the playgroup name
  • Give the email for the user you want to invite
  • If they are not a member yet an account will be created for them and they will receive an email to either delete their account again, to claim it, or to allow it to be managed by you, their inviter.
  • You can now add decks for this user.

It's now also possible to directly import decks from Archidekt, hopefully more deck builders will follow soon. To get started simply go to the Add deck page and select "Import decks from Archidekt".

Till next time!