Playgroup 2.2.0 has been released

October 16, 2023 06:00

After two months of dedication, we're thrilled to announce version 2.2.0. The major highlights of this release include support for guests and in-playgroup deck borrowing.

Guest Support

Over the past few months, the most sought-after feature was guest support. Playgroup was initially designed to cater to fixed groups, mirroring our own experiences with playing Magic. However, this approach posed challenges for those who wanted to monitor their stats without being tied to a specific group. Previously, these players had to convince others to join the Playgroup app, register an account, and add their decks. Although we simplified this process in past versions, we've now gone a step further: players can join as guests. While guest stats will be available for individual games, they won't accumulate over multiple sessions. This means Playgroup can now be used as any other life counter app while playing with strangers while still reaping all the benefits the app gives for the registered user.

Deck Borrowing

For our dedicated playgroup enthusiasts, deck borrowing has been the most significant requested feature. Deck borrowing allows you to choose a deck from another member in your group and track your performance while using their deck. Integrating this demanded substantial adjustments to both the app and backend, leading to several new functionalities:

  • Introducing the 'merge pilots' deck leaderboard that showcases rankings and ELO ratings, regardless of who piloted the deck.
  • The traditional deck leaderboard now displays decks piloted by different members, allowing for friendly competition within your group. You can finally proof you can play those decks better than your fellow playgroup members.
  • When viewing a deck piloted by multiple members, you can now choose whose stats you'd like to view.

Dice & Coin Panel

Do you love using a dice deck? You're in luck! Simulate dice throws to your heart's content. Simply double-tap to access the "three dots" menu, choose dice, and start rolling.

Website Redesign

Setting what might be a new record, Johannes revamped the website design again, prioritizing a "mobile-first" approach after realizing the majority of your visited using mobile devices.

Complete In-App Sign-Up

We've overhauled the sign-up process; there's no need to visit our website anymore. Begin your Playgroup journey directly from the app: register an account, set up your Playgroup, and dive right in.

Additional Features and Fixes

  • Read release notes within the app.
  • Adjust deck image transparency based on your preference.
  • Only show the drop zones for the commander you are currently hovering over.
  • Commander art will also showcase the partner, if applicable.
  • Double-tap to quickly access the "three dots" menu.
  • Fixed an issue where altering players before a game might not function correctly.
  • Resolved a rare crash during deck creation.
  • Corrected the randomized starting player picker's erratic behavior; it wasn't cheating, just a bug. ;)